1. Main Piece: The restless ghost of a deceased person is believed to come back to the earth looking like a human but with feet facing backwards
  2. Informant Background:
    1. What is it: Folklore about what a ghost wandering on earth looks like.
    2. Where did you learn it: my grandmother
    3. What does it mean to you: There isn’t much meaning behind this for me; it is, however, scary. I believe in ghosts, so having such beliefs backed with folklore from my grandmother further motivates my fear. Having an image as to visualize these ghosts’ helps to make the belief seem more real.
  3. My Thoughts:
    1. There are an endless number of folklore that encompass ghosts and ghosts stories. While there is not any major religious support in the belief of ghosts, it is a very widespread belief, and caters to the fear and belief in the unknown that humans naturally have.