Big Foot

“Big Foot lives in the wilderness and preys on lost children and hikers to sustain his life. He also preys on animals, but he doesn’t really enjoy the taste. Some also believe he is an extra-terrestrial awaiting the rescue mission at the end of the Mayan calendar, in the year 2012.”
Jordan heard this story from his Uncle while he was on a camping trip.  He said that his uncle is very superstitious and that not just Big Foot, but many other creatures will be rescued in the year 2012.  When I asked Jordan if he believed in the prophecy of the Mayan calendar he said no, but his uncle does.  The Mayan Calendar predicts that the Earth will end at the completion of a long countdown cycle in the year 2012.

Like other big foot stories described this story seems to indicate that Big Foot will eat naughty children who wander away from their parents.  This story places big foot in the wilderness and since Jordan and his uncle are from Russia which is full of forests; Big Foot’s habitat may reflect their original nation.