Black is Sweet

Text: “The Blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice.”

Context: The participant recounts that this proverb has been told to her from a very young age. She remembers the first time she heard it was at a family gathering and she asked for an explanation. Her aunt explained to her that it was a saying that recognizes black beauty and contradicts the negative stereotypes that are put forth onto the Black community. She specifies how it can be used to also counter negative stereotypes within the Black community, relating to colorism.

Analysis: This proverb helps uplift and promote a positive self-image within the Black community. As they have been prosecuted and deemed as inferior by many people due to the complexion of their skin. Elaborating on the participants’ mention of how it also relates to colorism within the community, that tends to favor people with a lighter skin tone, this proverb sheds light that black is beautiful. While also recognizing that people of darker complexion should be prideful of their skin tone. Although this proverb is used within black communities, the plague of colorism and prejudice is also relevant in other POC communities.