Blonde Girl in the Bathroom

My ghost story is actually a very famous story in Brazil. I heard it for the first time when I was around 11 years old, I can’t remember exactly. My aunt told me when I was in my country house, close to Rio. She told me about the “blonde girl in the bathroom”, that’s what the ghost story is called. Essentially, the story is if (pause) you call “blonde girl of the bathroom” three times, while in a dark bathroom, a blonde ghost will appear. I had some friends and cousins who told me they actually called the blonde girl and it worked. They did that in all of the houses’ bathrooms and said that she was in all of them already. So the week we spent there I would barely enter the bathrooms because I was scared she would be there. That story was really impactful during my childhood because even though looking back today it seems like a silly story, I was really scared at the time.

This is a very famous ghost story in Brazil, in fact, I know Pedro since I was three years old and I heard his aunt talking about the blonde girl in the bathroom. His cousins used to believe it was real and even though I was scared in the beginning I never really took it seriously. When we are young we tend to believe in these stories with more frequency but as we grow older we stop believing in them. The only problem was that people said they had seen it before so that made it more authentic, which as a consequence, made all of us more frightened. Even though the story seems familiar to me, the version I heard with more frequency is that if we flush the toilet three times in a row while the bathroom lights are out, she would appear. I never really tried that because I was scared, but with time I just stopped believing in this ghost.