Bloody Mary

There’s always the myth that around midnight – at least it’s that way with my brother and friends – that at midnight if you go to a mirror and turn off all the lights and say “Bloody Mary.” three times that she’ll show up and that she’ll throw a rose at you that will turn you inside out, like your guts come out and everything. And the rule is, as she throws the rose just before she hits you say “Candyman. Candyman. Candyman” and the Candyman comes out from the movies and he protects it.


From the movies?

Yeah. Well, he doesn’t come out from the movies, but like you know, the candyman. Yeah. And then you have 2 monsters that you have to deal with. And uh, I guess my brother made up that you have to say “Chuckie. Chuckie. Chuckie.”  And then Chuckie comes out. And you just keep building monsters.


And they just fight each other?


Did you ever try this?

No, we were too scared to.


Where did you guys hear this from?

Like my brother would just make it up. It was him.


But you heard the “Bloody Mary” thing from someone?

Yeah. No, that was like everyone like always shared that story.


And your brother decided to add the rest of it?



Just because?

Just because, I don’t know why. I think cause it didn’t seem like it had closure to it. So that’s why it’s like, oh she shows up and then she throws a rose at you, that turns you inside out, but if you do this, this and that, like you know?


So where did you hear about the rose and the inside out part of the story? I’d never heard of that before.

My brother.


He’s a creative fellow?

He’s a jackass.


Did you tell anyone about this particular variation?

Yeah. I told everyone.


And no one ever did it?

No. They were too scared.


The “at midnight” part, did your brother make that up too? Or was that always part of it?

I remember it being explained like that.


By other kids?



Have you still not tried it to this day?

No. I’m too scared.


My Reaction:

Who hasn’t heard of the “Bloody Mary” thing before? Everyone I know has heard of some variation of this. I had never heard of it having to take place at midnight, so it was interesting when Mike told me that for him, midnight was part of the process. I guess that would only amplify the scariness of it. Because when you’re young, late night is scary. It’s quiet and dark and not as many people are awake, and this makes you feel more vulnerable. But regardless of the time of day, I still, to this day, have never tried to do the “Bloody Mary” thing. I honestly don’t believe that anything would happen, but there’s still that part of you this is nervous that maybe something could happen. As for Mike’s crazy variation on the “Bloody Mary” thing, I wonder if other kids ever added to it because I’ve never heard of something like that before.