Superman Turned Off the Lights

When I was in elementary school, for some reason, the power went out, like quite a few times at my elementary school. So basically, I don’t know why, I guess I was in first grade, so I didn’t get the whole story, but basically they said it was like the “Superman Curse,” like Superman turned off all the lights.


And this was a known thing at your school?

Yeah. Like I’m pretty sure I didn’t come up with, like somebody said like, “oh, it’s superman.” And I was like, “what”? And some kid was like, he heard it last year in kindergarten. And this was my first year at that school, so I was really confused. So every time, I guess it’s cause I lived in Baghdad for elementary school. And so every time the power would go off at my elementary school, oh would be like, “oh, it was superman thing,” or whatever. I don’t know why it’s called superman. I just remember that Superman turned the lights off.


Did other kids say it?

 Yeah. That’s how I picked it up.


Was it a bad thing or more like a fact?

I think it was more like a fact, I don’t think it was like a bad thing, it was just like, “oh the power went off, it must be superman.”


My Reaction:

I found it interesting that the person I interviewed for this lived in Baghdad at the time he heard about the “Superman Curse”. This makes me wonder if it was something that was common in other school’s in Baghdad. Otherwise, it’s just something that someone came up with at his school that just stuck and spread. This does seem like a very childish thing to do. Kids don’t just think the power goes out, there’s always a reason for it, so it makes sense that they would want to attribute it to something to give cause the the things that happened.