Oh, every time it’s been awhile since you’ve seen your grandparents you have to do this bow.

You start standing with your hands on your forehead, palms facing out, and then go down to a kneel and bow down until your hands and forehead touch the ground.

You stay there for a couple seconds, stand back up, and then do it again.

Why do you think it’s twice?

Is it for each grandparent? Would you do it even if one wasn’t present?


Three times, I think.

 It’s like… the more you do it, the more respect it means.
So you could bow as many times as you think necessary?
Yeah, it’s usually three, though.
This is something I’ve experienced through my own raising, as my parents are Asian. This is definitely a widespread thing done through out most East Asian countries. It’s an act of appeasement, beseeching, and honoring all at once – a small token of gratitude paid to those who made you possible.