Burek- A Turkish Dish

My informant shared a recipe for Borek with me, a savory Turkish puff pastry that is filled with spinach and feta cheese. My informant is Iranian on her father’s side and Turkish on her mother’s side. She told me that her mother was a wonderful cook, who made exceptional dishes, but Borek was always her favorite. She would sit in the kitchen and watch her mom as she would lay the filo bread on a flat aluminum tray and spread the egg and oil on it with a cooking brush. My informant would love to steal the brush from the mother and spread the ingredients onto the filo as a child. She remembers this as an after school tradition, or a tradition that would take place on Sunday evenings. It is a tradition that is very sentimental to her because she felt that she had time to bond with her mother and have one on one time with her without her other two siblings interrupting. She described the scent of the Borek as if it was cooking in the oven, right then and there. She also said it became a tradition for her to cut the Borek into perfect little squares after it came out of the oven and cooled down. She remembers always fighting with her siblings for the first piece, yet always managing to succeed! She has shared this recipe with her daughter, and now shares the same tradition with her. It is a very sentimental, yet happy tradition that women in her family take part in together.