Chinese and Ghosts

“When I was younger I was obsessed with a Hong Kong soap opera actress, Barbara Yung Mei Ling. Barbara committed suicide when she was 26, because she was depressed about a break-up allegedly. In the Hong Kong studio system, costumes from shows were recycled, especially from old time period pieces. So several years after Barbara’s death, another actress put on one of Barbara’s costumes for a new show. And all of sudden some weird shit went down. They would hear things between the walls of the set or a woman wailing and crying. They couldn’t explain what was going on. After this unexplained haunting, the wardrobe policy was changed. Any costumes or wardrobe used previously by an actor that had passed way was gotten rid of. They didn’t want to encounter any of the bad energy.”

According to my informant, the Chinese culture is very superstitious and mindful of the spirit world. This respect towards the spirits is not only seen in traditional settings but even the entertainment industry in Hong Kong. It is very much a part of culture as a whole.