Christmas Gift from the Heart

My informants’ family is filled with artists. The father is a cinematographer, photographer, and painter. The mother sculpts, creates installations and writes poetry. My informant, the eldest, is majoring in photography at NYU and also dances. The youngest of the family is a painter and drawer and attends LACSA. The parents have encouraged and supported their daughters’ interest in the visual arts the day they were born. The parents exemplify their value of art by upholding the tradition that all of the family’s Christmas presents must be created by the giver and must be some kind of art. For example, last year, my informant gave her father a framed photograph that he had especially expressed high regard for. The mother gave her an abstract sculpture of Santa Claus. When learning that most parents give their kids gifts from stores, my informant  said that she though it was completely strange. She wondered how a child could love and want something so uncreative and cold.