Cleansing a New House

Informant has heard of and participated in the belief of saging or “cleansing” a new house/living space. Whenever moving into a new house or space, the informant will sage or throw holy water in each room or space in order to cleanse the house of harmful or bad spirits and energy. This was taught to the informant by both friends and family but in different ways. The informant has heard of burning sage in a house and also using holy water, and has participated in both. Another way the participant has heard of cleansing the house but not participated is by using crystals and affirmations. The informant believes that by cleansing the house, they are making a clean, fresh slate in which they can come in and have the closest thing to brand new as they can. They also believe this creates good energy and intentions for them to have while living there, they will also keep holy water in the house and occasionally burn sage in order to keep the positive energy within the house.

Context – This practice is commonly used by new homeowners and those moving into a new apartment, it can be done multiple ways, as this informant has done, and allows the informant to feel safe and good in their new space.

Analysis – By cleansing the house, an individual may feel like they have fully cleaned and walked into a new space with no previous left over from anything that occurred or lived in the space before them. This also helps take some of the stress of creating your home away from a new homeowner and onto a higher power of being. This practice may help with the pressures and stress of moving while also creating the good intention of having a positive experience in a new home.