Coaching Advice

“Everything’s important; nothing is special.”


“My coaches used to say, ‘Everything’s important; nothing is special,'” says the informant. “Essentially, they meant ‘how you do one thing, is how you do everything.'” Throughout their collegiate athletic career, they heard this phrase often, typically as “what the coaches thought was a form of encouragement.”


The formulation in which advice or wisdom is given changes, depending on the climate or the environment of these interactions. In this case, the intent behind these messages is built out of fostering determination within players. These types of phrases are similar to those used by coaching figures, generally speaking, like “keep your eyes on the prize” or “work hard, play hard.” Phrases like these encourage players to focus on their goals and visualize the outcomes that they want to, ultimately, push them harder. The reception of the message depends on the execution of how the intent is presented. In using specific verbiage, one could actually deter or lower potential excitement and energy, especially when in a position of coaching. In providing advice, it is important to have a keen awareness of recipient perception, or else, sometimes the message can be lost.