Construction Worker’s Ghost

Construction Worker’s Ghost

J.H is currently my roommate is he also went to the same high school as I did. His ethnicity is Taiwanese but he was born and raised in Alabama.

J.H has shared with me a legend in the high school he went to. He told me that there was once a construction worker, who was helping reconstructing one of the libraries we have, but an incident occurred and he was accidentally killed in the library while working. J.H then said people actually saw the ghosts of the construction worker who died, and the other have heard a long “BANG!” in the library, and people would assume that the noise was the sound of a metal that crashed into the construction worker. J.H said that personally he has never seen the ghost or hear the lout “BANG!” but he only heard other students mentioning about it.

He found this out by one of his friends, and also his mom found out that the construction has died while remodeling the library.  J.H also said that his mom told him that apparently the school tried to cover his death up so there wouldn’t be any worries or bad press.  He thought that was legend was particularly memorable for him because this was probably the only scary rumor about the high school he has heard.

The main focus of this legend would be the construction and his ghostly occurrence in the library. This legend also shows a corruptness of the school, as would a lot of horror movies. Usually the big business would cover up something like a death in order to keep up the good image of the business or wherever the ghost appears.

This legend could be a historical fact for the high school, but it wouldn’t be something to brag about. In addition, even I haven’t really heard these ghostly occurrences as I went to the same high school. I’m not even sure that a construction worker had died in the library. Someone dying would be more plausible, but the ghostly occurrences could’ve been just made up, because like what J.H said, there aren’t much ghostly rumors surrounding the school, so someone could’ve made this up just for entertainment purposes.