Cracking your Knuckles Causes Arthritis

My informant told me that as a child she would always crack her knuckles. She admits that it was a terrible habit, but it was something she did without even noticing. Every time her grandma was would catch her in the act she would snap and say “ Don’t crack your fingers you’re going to get Arthritis and have chubby hands like me!” My informant said that she vividly remembers the first time her grandma said this to her. She remembers looking down at her grandmother’s hands and thinking to herself and saying, “she’s probably right, she does have chubby fingers and her hands always hurt.” Fearful that she would end up with aching, chubby hands, my informant tried to stop this bad habit. However, she still hears her grandma’s voice in the back of her head every time she’s in the midst of cracking her knuckles.