David Crockett

5) David Crockett

David Crockett was a texas hero. He was supposedly a famous bear hunter, but he was best known for his ability to hunt raccoons/coons–he could just walk into the forest and hunt one down right away. He famously wore one of their pelts on his head at all time, and was almost viewed as the god of the forest.  

When the mexican army was closing in on the Alamo, he was there fighting amongst the ranks of the Texan Militia. When the mexican army began to prevail among the ranks, the legend has it that he was one of the last ones to go down fighting. He’s seen as a symbol of bravery and the raw spirit that made up the Texan revolution. However, a legend floated around the Mexican camps that Davy didn’t actually have a last stand. Supposedly the found him hiding crates with a few other men; he begged for mercy but they stabbed him to death with their bayonets.

This story was provided by my Texan friend Ben Butler. He told me this story after I asked him to tell me some folklores. He knew the story really well, and told it in a very heroic, storybook way.

I think this story is very typically texan, reflecting their pride in being a texan, in the whole ordeal of the Alamo, and the fact that Texas used to be a Country. It definitely reflects the whole texan mindset and culture really really well.