For Day of the Dead my country celebrates a lot like the movie “Coco” We go out and get the cemeteries and place a bunch of the orange flowers all over and we have a bunch of altars in each Cemetery to celebrate the Day of the Dead. We put out flowers guiding are dead family members to us so they can come and celebrate. We also do believe that putting the picture up in the altar allows them to come into the world of the living for that night and celebrate with us. There is a lot of singing and dancing that happens as well. The Day of the Dead is a huge thing in my country of Oaxaca and it is very meaningful to that country because it brings them closer to they’re dead family members. In a way we are keeping them alive by putting the picture up in the altar which is a lot like the movie “Coco” For my family we always put up all my grandparents pictures on the Altar and put a lot of sweet bread and things like that to honor the Dead.



The story or tradition is very important to the informant because it brings them closer to their family on the Day of the Dead. Instead of feeling sorrow for their loved ones they celebrate and bring them to the living world to see how much they’ve grown and be close to them in a way. Day of the Dead is very important to this informant and meaningful because she gets to go back to Mexico and see all of her relatives and also in a way see all of our dead relatives and Cemetery by putting up their pictures in the altar she feels closer to them more than just looking at their head Stone.



In the new Disney movie Pixar movie Coco this is seen and it’s very interesting how serious they take this and how the movie brought it to life . Is tradition is now widespread because of the movie and these folkloric tails and I might even start putting up an altar for my loved ones because I would love them for them to cross over as well