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I heard la Llorona


Where my dad’s from, there is a river which is supposed to be the river of where la llorona lives.  I actually heard the wailing sound of her crying for her kids.  I was five when I heard her. I was with my mother. This river everyone know that she lives in it. My family is from Colima. my mom heard to. I was very afraid.


Background info:

La llorana is a Mexican legend about a woman who kills her kids by drowning them and drowns herself. she than dies and regrets killing them so she tries to find her kids. She is known to cry by the rivers of many places is Mexico. This story in particular took place in Colima, Mexico and the informant says this story is really meaningful because he experienced the crying of the llorana first hand with his mother. They like this piece because it was one of the few memories he had with his mother before she passed away



This legend is one of the most famous around Mexico and has actually travelled aroundt he world by immigrants who tell of the llorona. This story particularly focuses on Colima which is huge for where the Llorona is actually originated from. In Colima there is a beach called  “playa la llorona” it is very big their and many people believe they hear wailing near the rivers of Colima.


My thoughts

I have heard this story so many times since I am Mexican myself. I also have relatives form Colima tell me that they have either seen or heard la Llorona when they were by themselves or with another person. It is very unexplainable and scary but one of the oldest legends from Mexico




I woke up in the middle of the night for some reason and I went to the kitchen and I saw my husband staring at me. He was smoking and I don’t like that he smokes inside of the house so I told him what are you doing turn that off and he just looked at me and you wouldn’t stop looking at me. He had such a scary look in his eyes and I started to get a scared and then he started to laugh. I then turn to the living room and I see my husband lying down on the couch sleeping and I run to him and I jump on top of him and I scream and I tell him wake up wake up and I told him what I saw and then that figure was gone.

Background: The informant experienced this encounter firsthand and she feels really strongly about this.  she believes that her husband at the time was allowing bad spirits and energy to get inside of him and manipulate him because of his regular drug use back then. She believes that bad spirits and energies come inside of you when you are doing drugs and sinning.  she says what she saw was a bad spirit doing the thing she hated him doing the most. it is very meaningful to her because she will never forget the face that looked back at her and looking at her actual husband sleeping on the couch. The house they were living in had bad spirits in it as well.  you would hear things at night and it was said when the land was bought out, they had found unborn babies buried in the dirt. It was said to be an abortion clinic when abortions were illegal.


This story  reveals a lot  of both haunting of houses and demons mixed together. The idea that the spirits of the babies and the oldness of the house haunted the informant made the idea of a demon entering more real. many demon stories do occur when something bad is traveling into  the house. This marriage was already bad and the alcohol and drug use would not stop. This can create tension and stress leading up to events that are difficult to explain

Botellita de jerez Todo lo que digas sera al revez

Folk Metaphor

This saying was told by my grandmother  to me which has helped me throughout my life especially when people were being mean to me in school. In English it just means that everything that you say will be backwards so it will go back to you This meaning really helps you fight off those mean words that people tell you in school. You say this and everything that they say is basically going back to them and it really means that what they’re telling you is them telling themselves that.


The significance of this metaphor to the informant was that no matter what people said , with this saying you can turn all the bad things on to them. it was like a magic Karma spell. It has a lot of meaning because it takes way the pain of being called names or being picked on.  The informant like sit because it rhymes and its unique .


This is from Mexico and this saying is very  popularly and  this expression refers to everything you want for someone is going to return, or you’re going to return everything you said; or everything you say will be used against ..With this in mind, it is better not to wish anyone badly, or to say things that can be used against you.



There’s a story that I have heard about Hello Kitty and the reason why she doesn’t have a mouth. The story starts off with a mother trying to save her daughter from mouth cancer and so she sells her soul to the devil and the devil explains that if she makes a figure that has no mouth she will earn enough money to cure her daughter from cancer so she created Hello Kitty Hello Kitty means hello devil or yeah something like hi devil and it’s supposed to represent the devil so Hello Kitty is actually the devil. This was around the 1980s then the daughter was saved and the mother became very rich because of the creation of this character but it can affect us in the future which is really scary because now everybody has Hello Kitty plastered everywhere and Hello Kitty was such a huge brand and still is a very huge brand that they have stores and restaurants just based on that doll or character from Japan.



I have heard about this theory before and it shocks me on how real it gets. It is said to be a legend of a 70 year old chines woman  whose daughter was dying of cancer. she prayed and went to many churches which did nothing. That made her turn to the devil for instant gratification. she had made a pact with the devil. according to an online site “The mother was asked to create a character that would be famous all around the world. Satan wanted to attract as many people as possible and win new followers who would do everything for him. Buying this “doll” would be an involuntary offer for the devil. Some say that possessing this toy makes the demon stronger”  The evidence presented for this theory is that 1.) the kitty doesn’t have a mouth like the girl with mouth cancer, 2. The pointed ears are like the horns of satan, and 3.) kitty means demon in Chinese. The belief and legend behind this story is the fear of the devil regaining his power and being stronger than god.

the beamer


My school called High-Tech high is one of the very new charter schools that opened up in North County of San Diego and I had been there since 6 grade in 2011 when they were still in the mobile classrooms sort of thing before they built the new Middle School. I was in the mobile classrooms for  2 years Before they had built the new Middle School. The mobile classrooms meant a lot to my childhood especially my first years in middle school and a lot of things happened. There was a lot of exhibitions and projects and memories of going into the office and the nurse and when they built the new Middle School we were the very first graduating promoting 8th grade class of High-Tech middle school. In the new middle school they had a huge bar like a huge Beamer not a bar but a beamer That was supposed to be built into the building but before they had built in the Beamer into the building they had us all sign our names and it is visible in the building for everyone to see and for my class to come back in 30 years and be able to see the Beamer with my name on it which is I wouldn’t say a tradition but just day kind of like a tradition that will live there until my kids hopefully see it one day.


The meaning behind the beamer  is basically tradition and generation. It meant a lot to the informant because of longevity. They were the first graduating class of that fresh middle school, and that means after thirty years, there name will still be up there