Trumpet Traditions


In band the day before we play UCLA we go on what is called the trumpet run. We first go to the Frat row and go to each house and basically do a sort of Christmas Carol but seeing all of our Rock charts and our normal charts right in front of the houses at around 10 at night. And there’s a special type of frat house that we play  a specific song to. This is the Frat House teak. The reason why we sing the specific song is to honor  a trumpet that had passed away and was in teak before so every single year we play the same song in front of teak in order to honor his memory and it is very beautiful.


This tradition is very meaningful to the informant because it talks about the connection between that trumpet player and the trumpet section of the Trojan marching band. The fact that they play evrey year for him shows a special connection that can only be described as memories and love for the band member. iT shows that after all these years he is still considered part of the trumpet section and will not be forgotten. Many of these annual traditions that are meant to be for remembering and honoring someone are usually through respect and songs that are mellow and sad. The song was very slow and relaxing to pay tribute for him.