Divine Intervention

“This one I don’t know what it comes under, the category of, but I definitely believe it. Um, about two weeks before, uh, Uncle Perry passed away, he showed up at our front door with Cindy, his wife, and knocked on the front door. And now, he was living in Virginia Beach at the time, in Virginia, flying for the navy back there, and Southwest [Airlines]. And we didn’t know he was coming, and we were just at the house. And it was one Saturday, I think, and he just came and knocked on the door. Now we thought he was across the country. And he came in and we went and had dinner and had a great time. Well, I, to this day, would believe that that is, and I don’t know how to explain it other than religion. Ya know, God’s intervention of giving Perry, cuz he basically took a couple of weeks with Cindy and they went and saw a bunch of old friends and family. And I think that, ya know, God stepped in and said I’m gonna take ya early and ya know, here’s two weeks of time to enjoy with your life but also to say goodbye to family and friends. And I think that was more than just fate. So I think that’s God’s will.”




As long as religion has existed, I think some concept of divine intervention has also been present. It’s a way that mankind has attempted to connect to their idea of a higher power (God/gods), and to understand the influence that the divine may have over us. Legends, myths and tales, too, have a similar purpose of trying to bring meaning to what can’t be rationally and/or immediately understood.