Don’t clip your nails at night

Informant is a second generation Korean. She currently lives in Los Angeles and is in her early 30s.

Superstition as told by informant: I have an odd one… my mom would always tell me not to clips my nails at night… something about how it can be taken by an evil spirit or something. But you know what, none of my other Korean friends had heard such a thing before…so I’m not sure if it’s a Korean lore/superstition or just my mom’s own self-imposed superstition. I think the nail clippings are supposedly taken by a murdered young woman (the white ghost/witch) who has become an evil spirit. She’s called chungnyun guishin… literally a young woman ghost. And she wears all white and has long black hair.

This one in particular really had an impact on me. I remember growing up being told something similar to this, but I must’ve forgotten it because when I heard this again from my informant it haunted me. So there’s no way I’m cutting my nails at night again.