Dorm Ghost

Collection: USC dorm ghost – Legend (ghost)

After asking about any unusual experiences, the informant recounted a peculiar situation that took place at USC.

“So one morning, I was just laying in the bed, facing the wall. After a little bit, I heard the sound of my roommate, Andrew’s, covers move, like the sound of his comforter moving… But I didn’t think anything of it because I figured that he had just moved his blanket. But when I turned over to look, Andrew wasn’t even in the room…”

Context/Interpretation: The informant lives with one roommate in a residence hall style dorm at USC. While the performer did not explicitly state that he saw a “ghost,” he described the occurrence as being paranormal as in out of the ordinary. The belief in ghosts in America is so vast, yet it strays from religion and government. However, it is very common for informants to refer to these types of stories as unusual, rather than ghostly.