Dream Premonitions: Yolanda

This had to be about like 15 years ago because we were in our late 20’s when she… umm… when this happened and I just remember it was the wednesday night before Thanksgiving. Yeah, Yolanda was a neighbor that we grew up… that I grew up with, that was a year older than me but her and I were in the same grade so we used to play together  as kids and then when we got older we kinda grew apart, we went to different high schools and we had, you know, different sets of friends and stuff and… so anyway the wednesday night before Thanksgiving  we were living in uptown Whittier in that little yellow house duplex that we had and I hadn’t talked to Yolanda, I hadn’t heard from her, I hadn’t seen her in years. As adults, we hadn’t seen each other in a long time. The last time I saw her she had just had a baby and she was walking her baby around in the neighborhood by my mother’s house and I remember going outside saying “Aww let me see your baby, she’s so cute!” and it was like two months… the baby was like two months old. So, I had this umm…I had this umm… dream about her and in my dream I was the same age I was as an adult. I think I was like 27 or 28 at the time and but Yolanda came to me as a little girl and how I remember her when she was little. When she got older, I mean the last… like I said the last time I saw her she had just had a baby but she had gained a lot of weight and I just assumed it was from the baby, but when we were little she was like the scrawny, boney little kid… little blond girl.And so, in my dream I was an adult but she was little girl and I don’t remember anything specific about the dream other than I dreamt about her and I just remember waking up in the morning on Thanksgiving morning thinking “God that was so weird, like why would I dream about her, I haven’t talked to her in a long time,” I haven’t like nothing in my mind had kind of provoked thinking about her other than to think, “Oh well maybe I’m gonna see her, because I’m gonna go to my mom’s house and if she goes to her mom’s house for Thanksgiving so … I… I figured well maybe I’ll see her today because I’m going to my mom’s house and maybe she’ll be at her mom’s for Thanksgiving.” So I remember going to grandma’s house and we were you know chopping food and getting things ready for Thanksgiving and I just remember asking grandma like, “Hey you know who I dreamt about last night, I dreamt about Yoli like have you talked to her, have you seen her?” And she’s like “No, I haven’t seen her in a long time.” You know and I said “Oh maybe she’s going to Emma’s today.” No big deal but we had the conversation Thanksgiving morning. I told her about my dream and that was that. The next day after Thanksgiving, friday morning, grandma called me and she’s like, “You’re not gonna believe what happened” she’s like “Yolanda died.” And Yolanda died wednesday night the night I had a dream about her and she had… she had what the newspaper reported as an accidental overdose. She was 28 years old and she mixed um… alcohol with prescription drugs and overdosed. And it just was like the weirdest thing to me that I dreamt about her on the night that she died when I hadn’t seen her or talked to her in years.

My informant told me this story in its entirety over dinner, though I had heard bits and pieces of it from her before. My informant experienced this strange phenomenon first-hand and after telling me her story, I found that other members including her mother had experienced the same thing. They all had dreams of friends or relatives on the night of or before they died. This story was very personal to my informant as she was close with the woman in the story, Yolanda.