Drinking Game

Drinking Game (Fuck the Dealer)

You need a full deck of cards and at least two players to play. Whoever has the deck can see the card that is coming and someone that doesn’t have the deck must guess what the card is. If he is wrong on the first try, the dealer will either tell the person that their guess was too low or too high. Then the guesser gets another chance and if he gets that wrong he must drink the difference of his guess (so if he guess 7 and it was five, he has to take two sips of his drink). If he guesses right then the dealer must drink (if its a seven its seven sips). Also after every card you discard the card and put in on the table so everyone can see what cards are left. For example, if all four tens are gone you will know and never guess that number. The dealer must survive three wrong guesses in a row before he can hand over the cards to the next person. The later in the deck the more fucked the dealer gets because it is easier to guess the cards.


Charlie learned of this drinking game senior year of high school. He was at a party in his hometown and played it with a friend.  Since then, it has become one of his “top five” drinking games.  Once he came to college, however, he did not play it as much.  He said this is because friends here are not as “hard core” of drinkers as his friends back home.  There is no way to avoid drinking heavily in this game, so it is not suited for lightweights.  The game isn’t meant to be as fun as beer pong and other competition games, because its sole purpose is to get the players very drunk, very fast. He recommends playing this game, especially if one is fond of drinking alcohol. It is good to play before the party gets “bumpin”, according to Charlie.  The game is mostly played with close friends, unlike King’s Cup where the more the merrier.

This game seems to be pretty contemporary.  I have not heard of this game and it certainly isn’t as popular has Beirut (Beer Pong), Flip Cup, or even King’s Cup.  The goal of most drinking games, especially in American culture, is to get as drunk as possible. This game seems to fulfill that objective pretty well.

Fuck the Dealer represents the essence of college partying.  Many stereotypes portray college and universities with a tendency to binge drink.  In most cases this is a fairly accurate statement but there are many schools with strict policies on alcohol.  Drinking among American students, however, is fairly common.  It is a way for students to relieve the stresses of school and socialize with peers.  Alcohol has become almost essential to any party environment and is even frowned upon when out.  This is probably due to its effects on the nervous system, making people lose their inhibitions and be more open. In addition, some people do not feel comfortable interacting sober on an individual basis, so these group games provide a context of interaction in which the timid are able to come out of their shell.

A deck of cards is common in drinking games.  Some of these games include King’s Cup, Spoons, Category, Drug Dealer, Drunk Driver, Indian Poker, High Low Red or Black, Jacks, and Pyramids to name a few[1].  It is not known why cards play just a vital role but it could just be the ease of accessibility and inexpensiveness.

These types of drinking games are typically played at the beginning of one’s night, as sort of an icebreaker or just to pre-game before a party.  It is generally not played all night but rather for a couple hours at maximum. There are, of course, exceptions to this; for instance, Beer Pong competitions have been the center of many parties with extensive brackets and the illustrious title of champion on the line.

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