El Cipitio

El Cipitio—it’s supposed to be La Sigunaba’s son, but he’s old but he looks like a 10 year old kid. He’s big and fat but he tries to be a ten year old kid. He haunts little children. He’s basically a midget trying to be a little kid- he has a wrinkled face and he pulls it back to have a younger face. He looks like a kid from far away but you can tell when you’re close. His feet are backwards. He was a love child from La Sigunaba and some other thing.


Told to little kids to not go out in the fields at night in El Salvador. It keeps them inside.


I believe that this was actually about the social taboo of having a baby out of wedlock—told to children so that they would develop negative associations with it. Also, his features are surprisingly close to kids with various deformities. I think the idea is, although this is a gross way of expressing it, ‘don’t have a baby out of wedlock or it will be retarded’.