Even Numbers

Umm.. I have a weird thing about even numbers because my birthday, my full birthday is completely odd numbers so I think… I think that’s why it has every single odd number possible and so I don’t like when the volume on my car is on an even number or I’ll add numbers if something’s like 34 I’ll add it to make it 7. I just can’t… I can’t… I don’t know…there’s something about even numbers that I’m not very comfortable with and also like both my parents’ birthdays are all odd numbers so it’s just not… I don’t do even numbers. They’re like too round, too even, too perfect, like I don’t like that you can divide them by 2. That’s weird.

I quite enjoyed this piece of folklore because I thought I was the only one that did this. This folklore connected us in that way. I too do not like even numbers because of my birthday (7/21). My informant practices this folk belief regularly and it  seemed to be quite important to her.