Festival – Spain


The subject learned this piece of folklore while on vacation in Spain during the summers of 8th and 9th grade. According to the subject, the whole of Spain observes a day in the month of June called El Dia de San Juan. The townspeople spend the whole day preparing for the event by building a very large bonfire on the beach. At nightfall the townspeople set the bonfire ablaze. “At this point,” says the subject “tourists and other visitors participate in the culminating event where, at midnight, all of the women present run into the ocean and splash their faces with the water” symbolically keeping themselves beautiful and youthful looking longer.

The subject said that even though she, herself, did not participate in the event she was able to understand the symbolic implications of the act, especially after watching the event for a second time.

Upon further investigation the festival of El Dia de San Juan takes place in June every year around the world.