Folk Belief – Nigerian


The subject, as many Nigerians, is a firm believer in the power of dreams and that certain motifs in dreams can be used to find their meaning and/or imbedded warnings. On numerous occasions, the subject has had dreams in which she would or people in her dream would be eating fish. The appearance of a fish in a dream means one of two things: (1) if the fish is not being eaten then dream doesn’t really mean anything at all. However if there are people in the dream who are eating the fish, especially fried fish, then the dream means that someone close to you is about to die.

I am not a big believer in superstition and dream interpretation but as a first hand witness to the power and validity of the subject’s dream I am now a believer in, at least, the validity of the subject’s dreams. The subject has had three dreams, all very similar, all on different occasions, and all of the dreams included people eating fried fish. The first time she dreamed that dream the subject’s mother died. The second time a close family friend’s wife died of breast cancer. And just a couple of years ago her beloved friend and coworker suddenly died after a routine surgery. Three days before her coworker’s death the subject had the fish dream.

Now anytime the subject dreams the “fish dream” she proceeds to warn her kids and husband to be careful and not to carry out any plan if you feel like maybe you shouldn’t go or if you feel like some “outside force is hindering you from leaving”