Folk Dance


Subject’s Analysis:

“It has origins of West African traditions. It’s very popular in the black Greek community. You create rhythms and beats with stomping and clapping combinations, with dancing too. Different organizations have different styles, there’s energetic, precision, acrobatic, everything is synchronized. You have props that you use. Synchronization. There’s competitions, and you do it to represent your organization. It’s entertainment, as well as something done at gatherings. These include trains as well, these are like line dancing, some [trains] are complicated, and you perform them at competition. I love it, its fun. There’s some people that may not like it because they’re not good at it. I learned it after crossing, it’s not necessary to become an Alpha.”

Collector’s Analysis:

Stepping is a very exciting, unique, and fun part of the Black Greek community. The steps do actually originate from West African origins. The step competitions or “Stepshows” are highly entertaining and could be considered to be festivals. The “trains” are really fun to watch. The frat/sorority lines up, and then go into a routine that goes with the music that’s currently playing (it is considered a huge insult to join in on the end of a train if you do not belong to the organization dancing). Several of the props that are used in the stepshows are really interactive such as canes that are whirled around and tossed between each member. Sometimes the fraternities will even have themes to supplement their routines.