Folk Medicine – United States

For mucus congestion/itchy throat:

  1. Gargle vinegar
  2. Swallow it
  3. Mucus should then regurgitate.
  4. Throat is itchy no longer!

My mother and I were both sick with a congested nose and chest for a while.  Over-the-counter medicine was not doing anything for us.  Antibiotics stopped being effective.  We were tired of being sick for too long, so I finally decided to find another means of remedying us to wellness again.

I searched online for medical remedies for an itchy throat.  I came across a website that encompassed all the healing powers of vinegar.  It discussed al the different ways vinegar can be consumed or put to practical purposes to remedy practically any illness.  Oddly enough, this remedy worked for both my mother and me.  We took a chance, tried the method, and both of our itchy throats and congested sinuses were gone once we gargled and swallowed the vinegar.