Folk Remedy

“White wine takes out red wine stains.”

Angie told me that she learned this while at a dinner party with family friends.  Her parents’ friend mentioned that white wine would take out red wine stains, to an extent however.  At first, she did not think it would work, but her friends reassured her and claimed that it would.  Angie has not tried it yet, but she says she believes now that it may be true.  When I heard about this remedy, I thought it was pretty interesting.  Up until that point, I had thought that once you spill red wine, there is no way to get the stain out.  But when I heard that white wine would actually help, I was amused, especially since you are basically fighting wine with wine.

I could not find anywhere where it is published that white wine can take out red wine stains.  To me, this seems like a recent finding.  I remember when people would say that nothing can get out red wine stains.  But after doing some research on the Internet, people have all sorts of tricks to get stains out, such as white wine and even cold water with salt.

I feel that this falls into folklore.  It is not folk medicine, but it could fall into a category of “folk remedy.”  Everything is passed on verbally between groups of people with a common interest, or problem, being stains from red wine spills.  I have not heard of this solution before so I would guess that it is fairly new.  Angie told me she heard it about three or four months ago.  However, I believe that this solution will gain popularity and become well known.