Folk Remedy – Garlic

My informant believes that garlic is like a panacea and it is especially useful for colds and coughs. He says that his mother and father taught him about its useful qualities. At the first sign of a cold he eats a clove of garlic. He is such a firm believer in this that he carries a clove of garlic in his pocket everyday.

My informantÂ’s family members are cynical of his belief and reliance on garlic. Most of the younger relatives do not share his beliefs of garlic as a cure-all but nonetheless respect his belief. The remedy must work for my informant because he still believes in it and has been doing so for many years.

Medicinal uses of garlic can be dated back to ancient times. Depending of the country its uses and powers vary. Since garlic is grown and produced around the world it makes sense that different cultures have beliefs regarding its healing powers.