Folk Speech

Expression, WWII Military

Expression: Did you get any poontangin?

Performers analysis: And then they had an expression for the sex act. I was never able to figure out what its derivation was–and I never cared to ask. Instead of saying something like “Did you get any sex?”,  they would ask, “Did you get any poontangin?” Now where in the world did that word come from?

Collector’s Analysis: The expression “Did you get any poontangin” which Mr. Schutzer says he discovered during his days in the army ironically still has relevance today. Its multiplicity can be seen in that rather than using “poontangin” many people use “poon” as a more modern term. As a college student, I hear the word “poon” tossed around the residence all quite frequently. In fact I have heard many students ask me “Did you get any poon?”, proving that the expression has adapted over time (thus creating a certain variation)

It’s interesting that “poontangin” was a term used in the military, considering it was comprised of mostly males. In its usage today, mostly males in the hall make reference to it.