From “Look” to “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle”



R is a USC senior majoring in Computer Science. She is a quick witted, stylish, craft girly with an affinity to push the boundaries of what it means to be a person in stem. She grew up in the Bay Area with two brothers and a dog and a cat. She also grew up acting as a child in San Francisco. When she was younger and at a family gathering she was hanging out with her older cousin who showed her this drawing “trick”. As you can see above, it starts by wiring the word “look” and then by adding on lines to make it into a mask. Then you add a face, a mouth, and the rest of the facial details until Violà! A Ninja Turtle has appeared. R’s older cousin explained to her that this was a drawing he was taught be another kid his age in elementary school. R, then used this drawing and shared it with many of her friends at school


This is an example of a tradition passed on among different age groups and through decades. Though this was most likely invented during the pop culture renaissance of the 90s and during the inevitable rise in popularity of The Ninja Turtles themselves; it lives on past its time through this drawing. This teaching of the “drawing trick” was a clear way for R’s older cousin to connect with her and pass down something he found cool and special when he was her age and that she subsequently did as well.