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Parents Trick to Get their Son to Eat Brussell Sprouts

“M” is 21 year old male student at the University of Southern California, where he is a Junior studying Animation and minoring in Philosophy. M is originally from the outskirts of New York state where he describes himself as living in a rural area. He described himself as going to a high school of ~60… Continue Reading »

“Knock Knock, Who’s there?………..”

This is another seemingly popular “knock knock joke provided me by my informant: Informant: say “knock, knock” Me: knock, knock Informant: Who’s there? [a long pause followed by laughter] Informant: Yep, that’s the joke!   In this joke, the teller attempts to invert the knock knock sequence, by attempting the get the other party to tell… Continue Reading »

If you tap the top of a dropped soda can, it will not fizz out of the can when opened.

As a child, my source first heard this superstition because he was rather clumsy and would always drop his soda cans.  He first instance he can remember where he practiced this superstition was with his teammates from his little league baseball team.  All of his teammates would tap on the tops of their soda cans… Continue Reading »

Fork Bending Trick

This folk item is a folk trick where the performer manipulates a fork to make it seem as if he or she bent a fork. Two people perform the trick in the video. The first person is my original informant. He then taught the second person how to do it. Watch the following video: Fork… Continue Reading »