This is a game that Greg learned from his peers in middle school. In the game at a random time one person will call the other person’s name while making an ‘o’ shape with their hand anywhere but somewhat discreetly around their body away from their own eyes. If the other person looks at your hand then the person who made the gesture is allowed to (playfully) hit or punch the other person. The object of the game is to get another person to look at your hand so you can hit them. Mostly boys play the game and it is fairly simple but has some variation depending on who is playing it.

It is a school age game that is used for entertainment and an excuse to be somewhat violent. It creates friendly competition that most people enjoy even though there is no prize and the winner and loser can switch at any time. Other than punching the other person the game really has no true purpose, goal or objective. It seems normal in many cultures for young boys to have a game surrounding or relating to violence in someway.