Game – American


My informant first heard of this drinking game during his junior year of high school.  The point of the game is to bounce your quarter into your empty cup.  The materials should consist of two cups, two quarters, a table, and participants.  The goal is to bounce your quarter into your cup and after successfully doing so, you put your cup into the person’s next to you and they have to drink.  There are many other little rules to the game but the basic principle of the game is stated above.  The reason why my informant learned of this game was because he was at a party where there were some kids drinking.  After a little time of drinking, the kids decided to have some fun and play a game so they played “quarters.”  This is where Matt learned the game for the first time, as he watched as an observer.  Now, the game “quarters” is played when a group of people want to drink and play a game at the same time.

My informant’s first reaction upon hearing about this game was that “it seemed pretty easy to follow and was pretty cool because it was the first time I had seen drinking being combined into a game.”  These games are usually played at parties, especially college parties.  Being a member of a fraternity, Matt said that a lot of fraternity members play these kinds of drinking games all the time.

The reason why this drinking game is important in my informant’s life is because he is currently a college student, and it is common for college students to drink upon entering the college atmosphere.  Matt joined a fraternity during his first semester of college, and almost every Thursday there are parties at his fraternity.  However, before one attends a party, it is the “cool thing to do is pregame,” which consists of getting drunk before actually attending the party.  Matt said the game “quarters” is a “perfect game for one to get a little alcohol in them so someone is tipsy when they come to the party.  That way someone is loose and ready to party when they come to my fraternity.”

The reason why this drinking game affects me is because I cannot drink.  I was born extremely sick and if I drink alcohol I will get acid reflux which could cause cancer of the esophagus.  Therefore, I do not drink, so I think these games are very interesting because I have never heard of them.  I think this game is interesting and simple, and the reason why it is so simple is so that when someone is drunk, he or she can still sit down and enjoy the game while at the same time understanding what is going on.