Ganglion Cyst Remedy

My mother has a remedy that was passed on down to her from her mother when she was a child. When I was about 8 years old, and found that there was a ganglion cyst on my wrist, my mother then informed me about the “solution” for this cyst. She stated that the best way to get rid of the cyst was to smack it with a Bible. Whether it was the force of the Bible that popped the cyst or something else, my mother swore by it. In fact, my mother did this to my wrist and within a week it was gone.

My grandmother, who is of English decent, was a nurse her whole life. Although this remedy for getting rid of the cyst is not an actual form of medication, my grandmother, who had medical merit, told my mother that this was a good remedy for the removal of the cyst. Thus, any time a cyst appeared on some part of my families body, there was a Bible somewhere near.

Analysis: My initial thought of this Folk Remedy when I initially heard it was confusion. I was young and obviously wasn’t that smart but I knew this probably wasn’t an actual remedy. However, within a week of smacking my cyst on my wrist with a Bible, it was gone. Now that I analyze this Folk Medicine, it makes sense that a Bible was involved. My grandmother was a very religious English woman who was heavily Roman Catholic.  The Bible must have stood as a form of superstition in the power of God through the Bible.