Garden of Eden Myth

This version of the Garden of Eden myth was told by my friend outside of a performance venue. He was not raised in any religious setting, and he was never taught the story in an official setting. I started by asking him to tell me the story of Adam and Eve:

“Well, they were created by God, and they were put in the Garden of Eden. And from my understanding, which is limited, um, they were told, you know, ‘Free roam, but don’t go to the apple. Don’t touch the apple, don’t do it, there’s a snake, it’s Satan. Don’t mess with the apple.’ So they were like, ‘aight.’ Um, but temptation got the best of one of the two, I don’t remember who it was. And they succumbed. And they mess with the apple. And um, God kicked them out of the Garden of Eden. And um, it just goes to show that we as humans are not perfect, and will succumb to temptation.”