Ghost of Dead Aunt

This story occurs in Taiwan. The source’s aunt had died. The source’s mother wanted the aunt to look beautiful in the afterlife, so she took the source’s silver and golden hair clippers from her closet without telling the source and clipped it onto the corpse of the aunt. That same night, the source dreamt of the aunt, who was thanking her for the beautiful clippers that she had given to her. The following day, the source told her mother about her dream and her mother went pale because the source did not know that she had taken her clippers.

This story completely freaked out my source’s mother, who had secretly taken the clippers and therefore when my mom claimed she saw it in her dream, it confirmed to her that communication between the dead and the living does exist, especially during the first seven days of the death, thus making her more superstitious.

I found the story intriguing, as the source did not know about the clippers being taken away from her. I had asked the source in more detail about whether she may have caught a glimpse of the corpse with the clippers during ceremonies but she said that she had not. If that is indeed true, then the dream may not have been a dream at all but a spirit communicating with her while she was still able to during her days roaming this world.