Grandpa Charlie, The Robin

Spirit of our Grandfather as a Robin. 

This is an example of a positive premonition. My father always told me that whenever we see a Robin, we view it as my deceased Grandfather visiting us. Every time this happens, their Folklore of cardinals in time of need signifies a close one acknowledging your hardship. Whenever I see a Robin I always think of my grandfather, my grandmother told me this, my father told me this, and all my dad siblings think of this too. A premonition is to think about something and then see it come to fruition. If I am having a hard time, sometimes a Robin will randomly appear and I’m reminded that I will be OK. It kind of goes along with thinking about a higher power in the universe and accepting that there are people and spirits watching out for you. While spirits and ghosts are different entities, it is important to think about how spirits play a role in living society. This is similar to when you see a cardinal and it represents some kind of guidance and enlightenment. It can really be applied to any aspect of your life, but for my family, we have distinguished of Robin as my grandfather spirit visiting us.