The Governors Ball Music Festival

‘My friend Rachel first told me about this music festival. She told me about how her sister had been to several festivals and told her to go experience a music festival. Music festivals our way to bond with friends and having experience of listening to so many musicians over the course of 1 to 5 days and even longer. These festivals in food live music of all sorts, however their specialties amongst different festivals. Every festival has food and beverage lineups, musical lineup, special festival vendors such as flower crowns and sponsored booths by big companies. I have found it so fun To experience festivals with my friends because we all enjoy the same music and get to experience it live with thousands of other people. There are so many different elements to a festival including learning music before (if you want to). Our first music festival was the Governor’s Ball music festival in New York City, our hometown. We wanted to go to a festival that was close to home in case anything were to happen and also because we love the musicians playing. We realized upon arriving that it was a festival where pictures were being taken left and right, and we got to experience the festival life. Festival life usually entails consuming illegal substances and reminiscing about the Woodstock days. While there are many more regulations at festivals nowadays, it still was done by most festival goers. There festivals all over the world that pertain to many different events, such as Oktoberfest in Germany and the flying lantern Festival is in Asia. In America there is a huge interest in music festival is because of the experience link to it. While the Governors Ball is one of the most popular festivals to attend, There are so many other festivals to experience in the future.