Haunted by a Shadow man

Background: the informant was my roommate and we had already been discussing supernatural occurrence during the Halloween season, just before this interview was conducted. They agreed to share a few for submission into the archives as we bonded over our similar experiences with superstitions in hispanic culture.

Me: Have you had any supernatural experiences, or general freaky things happened to you? 

Informant: I have 2 stories, one time was at my cousin’s house in Mexico, and recently their grandfather passed. She’s pouring out the soda and the cup just moved. (moves water bottle as an example) We all just froze. She then stood up and pointed behind us saying “guys there’s a shadow behind you!” We tried to calm down and I left soon. Later my cousin called and she said that one of the dishes fell off her drying rack, like randomly. And that’s something that doesn’t happen naturally, especially since the timing was close to her Grandfather passing. 

This next one is me telling what my Mom told me. I was around 5 or 6 and I would fall over, and she described it as a shadow always behind me when that happened. Then when I was about 10, I would wake up every morning and in the mirror, I would always see a tall man looking straight at me in the mirror, dressed in a long coat. Like something out of a detective movie. I would also wake up in the middle of the night and see this shadow right next to me. Almost as if the shadow was waiting for me to wake up in the morning. 

But the reason why we think this happened is that apparently someone committed suicide in that apartment before we moved in. And my mom fully believes that it was that man who for whatever reason was watching over me. I don’t know for certain if someone actually did die in that apartment, or if it was just a rumor, but for me it’s just too much of a coincidence. Like, my mom tells me that a shadow always followed me when I was younger and then when I was 10 I also saw that shadow of a man. 

In Hispanic culture too, you ask like any grandparent and they will tell you thousands of stories about witches and curses and things like money being buried in the grounds. They go on and on, haha.