Hawaiian Lava Rocks

This informant retold a surprising superstition which dates back to the ancient traditions from the islands of Hawaii. On a recent trip to Hawaii my informant was enlightened by some locals of a common curse tourists get whenever they take sand, rocks, or coral away from where it lies. According to the locals, taking away any of these common minerals and bringing them home would cause the individual to be plagued with bad luck for the rest of their lives. Allegedly these minerals all resemble individual pieces of the Hawaiian Goddess Pele. Pele is recognized as the creator of the islands of Hawaii meaning taking even rocks would be taking pieces of the goddess herself. 

This superstition underscores how certain beliefs serve as a means of cultural preservation and transmission, embodying the deep-rooted reverence for the land and its deities within Hawaiian culture. The prohibition against taking sand, rocks, or coral from the islands reflects a belief in the sacredness of these natural elements, which are perceived as tangible manifestations of the Hawaiian Goddess Pele. By associating these minerals with Pele, the superstition reinforces the spiritual connection between the people and the land. This emphasizes the importance of respect and harmony with the natural world. The notion that taking these minerals will result in a curse of bad luck serves as a deterrent against disrespectful behavior towards the environment and cultural heritage. Overall, this piece of Hawaiian folklore reminds us of the interconnectedness between culture, nature, and spirituality in Hawaiian belief systems.