St. Patrick’s Day Pinch

As a widely beloved holiday celebrated around the world, Saint Patrick’s Day has a cavern of intricate folkloric traditions dating back centuries. My informant recounted arguably one of the most popular traditions of the holiday which everybody follows to this date. As to most people’s knowledge, on Saint Patrick’s Day everyone is supposed to wear green to show their spirit for the holiday. However, as there are two sides to a coin, if you do not wear green on the holiday then you receive a punishment. Other than the humiliation one experiences by not wearing green, individuals are prone to being pinched countless times as a burden for not participating in the holiday. This burden lasts the entirety of the day or just until the individual puts on some sort of green attire.

This tradition highlights the cultural significance and playful nature of the folkloric custom associated with Saint Patrick’s Day. It stresses how the heritage of wearing green on the holiday serves as a widespread practice, symbolizing participation and celebration of Irish culture and heritage. The pinching tradition emphasizes the dual nature of this practice, wherein wearing green is not only a means of expressing holiday spirit but also a safeguard against receiving punishment in the form of pinching. This aspect of the tradition adds an element of lightheartedness and kinship, as individuals engage in playful interactions with one another throughout the day.