Hell Week

  1. “Another one, and I think this is pretty common for most football teams, in freshman year, the freshman football team, we had to go through a thing called hell week, and hell weeks is where we had to stay in the high school gymnasium and sleep there, get up at eight and sleep at ten… It was basically like a military boot camp where there were constant drills and constant paces and they would randomly shave your head- and some people would get a pattern on their head, of phallic origins that maybe you didn’t want. If the person had been acting up they would get a symbol that wasn’t so nice. The coaches broke you down as a group together as a hope that you would grow as a team – kinda makes you like a band of brothers.”
  2. Collected from my friend who played football his freshman year of high school. He did not enjoy high school, and did not continue on the team. Thus, the hazing ritual seemed to have done more harm than good for him.