Hot Toddy

Richard L Cuthbert was born in Savannah, Georgia.  His father was in the United States Air Force and Richard ending being raised by his paternal grandmother.  He moved to Compton, California with his relatives from his father’s side of the family.  It is here where he met his high school sweetheart, Twesa Cuthbert.  They had two children together.  Richard (now widowed) currently lives in Rialto, California with his daughter, Keesha Cuthbert.

“For a cold it is always best to sweat it out with a hot toddy.  So you half fill a small sauce pan with water and place it on the stove.  Take a lemon and roll it so that you get the juices flowing.  Cut it in half and squeeze the juice in the pot and then slice those lemons and throw them in there too.  Let all of that come to a boil.  When it does take it off the heat and pour a good amount of dark liquor into the pot, something like Brandy.  Pour this in your mug and add some honey.  Drink all of this and then go wrap up in a blanket.  You are gonna fall asleep and while you are sleeping you are gonna sweat a lot.  By the time that you wake up you will have sweated the whole cold out.  This is something that my grandma had been using on us since we were kids and it always works.”


As a child my dad has used this on me many, many times and it has always worked.  I am not sure why or the chemical significance of this combination of ingredients has, but I do know that it always works.