How to talk about dogs on the internet

So on the internet, mostly on Facebook groups and some subreddits, there’s this sort of new vernacular that’s developed around sharing pictures and memes of dogs. Instead of puppies and dogs, they’re called puppers and doggos, and different breeds sometimes have their own nicknames. The shiba inu sometimes gets called a shibe, and there’s a fluffy white dog breed, a Samoyed I think, that gets called a cloudo, because it looks kinda like a cloud. Anyway, beyond that, there are these tropes and speaking patterns that people use to caption and comment on these memes. People will say, “good boy does a v heckin good trick!” But they’ll capitalize “good boy,” put a space between each letter and slap an E on the end. This usually has lots of variations, like cloud boy, smart boy, or whatever is relevant to what’s happening in the image or gif. And instead of saying “very” they just use the letter v. It’s kind of weird looking from the outside, but at the same time these communities are very wholesome, and the whole vernacular is a fun in-joke on the internet.