Humor–blonde joke

My informant heard this joke from his best friend Michael, who seems to know a wealth of blonde jokes. The boys have been friends for years now, and my informant always has a new joke to share from Michael. This particular one was told on their way to Disneyland last year (their sophomore year of high school). My informant also told me that most of the time, these jokes are told out of the hearing of adults, so they tend to remain among younger circles.

“A blonde was driving to Disneyland, but when she saw a sign that said ‘Disneyland Left,’ she turned around and went home.”

As another play on the stereotype of airheaded blondes, this joke provides a fairly clever punchline. When I searched for this particular joke online, it came up with many different sources, meaning that it is pretty well-circulated (though I had not heard it until my informant told me). There are several variations, including “Disney World Left,” “Sea World Left,” and “Six Flags Left.” However, the Disneyland iteration seems to be the most popular. I think this is very witty, as most blonde jokes tend to be; it definitely fulfills the requirements to be considered as blason populaire. The interesting thing about blonde jokes is that people take offense very infrequently; I believe this is because the number of people who actually fulfill this stereotype is small, so the majority of blondes are proud to be exceptions to the stereotype.