If the clasp is close to the necklace pendant – Arabic Children’s Folk Belief


She was in an all-girls middle school in Jordan, and learned about this from other schoolgirls. She thought that this was silly, and did not pay much mind to it.


“Young teenage girls used to think that if the clasp of the necklace is all the way down by the pendant, that means that someone is thinking of them.”


I’ve never heard a belief like this before, so I was very intrigued by it. Although it is primarily children’s folklore, it does not nicely fit within parody, nonsense, or secrecy.* I do remember how much people generally liked being part of a group, and not an outcast, when I was in middle school; believing that somebody is thinking of you when your necklace clasp slides to the pendant could make you feel remembered, and not a forgotten face.

*Jay Mechling. “Children’s Folklore.” Folk Groups and Folklore Genres: An Introduction, edited by E. Oring, 91-120. Logan: Utah State University Press, 1986.