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“That’s What She Said”

The “That’s what she said” phenomenon is growing in popularity by the day.  Essentially, the phrase “That’s what she said” is an excuse to plug sexual innuendo into any nook and cranny of daily life.  For example, if someone, whether male or female, comments on the size of a massive yacht, for instance, and says something to the effect of, “It’s so big and long,” this would be the perfect instance to insert a “That’s what she said” statement.   “That’s what she said” is a shortened version of “That’s what she said last night.”   The “last night” portion is typically implied, denoting that a female had made such a comment during a sexual encounter, preferably intercourse, the previous night.  In the example I had given, obviously the adjectives ‘big’ and ‘long’ would stir up sentiments of sexual innuendo, in that they are referring to a phallus.

My good friend, Kevin, frequently uses this phrase.  He can find a sexual joke in any comment or phrase said in his daily life and, therefore, uses “That’s what she said” very frequently.  While at times such a joke can be considered inappropriate, I, personally, find “that’s what she said” comments to be hilarious, especially when the comedic timing is dead-on.  Such sexually-suggesting folklore can apply to each and every one of us because, even if we do not frequently express ourselves sexually, deep down, all of us share a burning desire to convey our passions and sexual motives.